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What Shade of Pink Does Your Rosé Say About You?

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Dec 30, 2019

Favourite type of rosé wine - The Rose Picnic

Rosé wine is well known for its pink colour. But did you know that there are multiple distinct shades of rosé wine? These can range from pale peach to colour which is practically red. When making rosé wine, how long the grapes’ skins are left sitting in the wine will affect the shade of the finished rosé. The different shades of rosé each have their own individual flavours and taste. These characteristics make them stand apart from the others and your favourite type of rosé wine can convey a lot about your personality too. Keep reading to find out what shade of pink your rosé wine says about you!

Rosé wine being poured into a glass

Provence Rosé Wine

The lightest shade of all the rosé wine options, Provence rosé comes from southeast France. Chances are if you like Provence rosé wine, you are just as sweet and dainty as its flavour. Your bright personality lights up any room that you walk into, igniting smiles in those around you. You are a true classic, priding yourself on your ability to stay classy in any situation.

Pinot Noir Rosé Wine

A little earthier in flavour to Provence rosé, if your favourite shade of rosé wine is Pinot Noir, you’re likely down to earth yourself. You are extremely practical and realistic when it comes to your outlook on life. You have no illusions or pretensions, never seeing the world through “rosé” coloured glasses.

Tempranillo Rosé Wine

Unlike other shades of rosé wine, Tempranillo has more notes of spice in its pale pink hue. If you gravitate to this particular shade of wine, you have a bit of a spicy personality yourself. You tend to take charge and go for what you want, no matter who is in your way. However, if people have your back, you also have theirs. You are a loyal friend and are at your best when surrounded by the people you love.

White Zinfandel

If you were described in just two words it would be sweet and unpretentious. You don’t care about status—just enjoyment. You like the simple things in life, which means you have probably been called “basic” once or twice. However, there’s nothing wrong with liking what’s popular—it’s popular for a reason! When it comes to people, you balance out your friends who might be a little more energetic or intense.

Sangiovese Rosé Wine

Sangiovese has more pink undertones as opposed to hues of orange. When it comes to what this shade of rosé wine says about it’s simple: you love people and people love you. You are vibrant and full of energy, people oftentimes describing you as the life of the party. Your sweet side is oftentimes hidden behind a delightfully dry sense of humour—which people love you for.

Sangiovese Rosé Wine - The Rose Picnic

Syrah Rosé Wine

You have lots of heart if Syrah is your favourite rosé wine, reflected in its deeper colours of pink. You tend to be the bold one in social situations, always willing to get the job done despite any possible risks. This part of your personality also makes you fit in well no matter where you go as you don’t get embarrassed easily or feel rejected. You are very strong-willed and don’t oftentimes bend to the rules of contemporary social etiquette.

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Wine

If you like Montepulciano rosé, your tastes in life are likely on the more sophisticated side. You may know a lot about a wide range of topics, but you’re not shy about what you don’t know either. You are always comfortable speaking with someone who is more knowledgable in a subject than you so that you have the chance to continue learning.

Tavel Rosé Wine

This particular shade of rosé is a little dark and intense, just like you. But that’s just because you appreciate substance and purpose over faintheartedness. You strive to live a life of meaning, choosing to be an active participant instead of a spectator. Like the flavour of Tavel rosé wine, you are assertive in many aspects of your life. You believe in the importance of speaking your mind and standing up for your beliefs.

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