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Unique Facts You Didn’t Know About Rosé

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May 28, 2019

Unique Facts You Didn't Know About Rosé

Before millennial pink was what it is today, rosé wine was already surging in popularity. With a seemingly cult-like craze that surrounds glasses of summery, blush pink, along with the cheeky hashtags that have ensued since (#RoséAllDay, anyone?!), it's no secret that the word is being seen through rosé coloured lenses nowadays.

As the warmer weather is now among us, nothing can quite compare to the light, warm-weather refreshment that rosé gives us. From picnics in the park to days spent on the beach, a glass of rosé can never let you down.

With these 10 fun facts about summer’s favourite wine, you’ll become a rosé expert in no time!

Rosé Is Not A Mix Of Red and White Wine

Rosé is made by immersing the skin of red grapes in the wine for a short period of time, which can range anywhere from 2 to 20 hours. When grape skins are removed sooner, the rosé will be lighter and when grape skins are left to sit in their wine bath longer, the rosé will be a deeper pink.

The Flavour Profile

There are a wide variety of rosé flavours and undertones, ranging from citrus to herbal like the undertones in the Gérard Bertrand Côte des Roses Rosé. Rosé can be dry and less sweet, without added sugar, but can also be made sweeter.

You Can Use It In Cocktails

Rosé is so versatile and doesn’t need to only be sipped from a glass on its own. Many mixologists now look to rosé as a key ingredient in crafting a perfect summer cocktail. Need ideas? Check out some of our favourite recipes over on our blog!

You Can Drink It All Year Long

Before rosé was associated with summer beaches, picnics, and cookouts, rosé has always been considered a classic summer wine because of its limited quantities and production timing. They are usually released in the spring time and is often sold out by fall or winter, which gives the wine a seasonal feel. However, we’ll have you know that rosé pairs incredibly well with many different kinds of food, including your traditional dinner at Thanksgiving. Due to the rising popularity and increased production of this ultra-fab wine, rosé is becoming easier to find all year long. If not, simply look for wines from the Southern Hemisphere, as they have reverse seasons and release times!

You Can Buy It In A Can!

Enjoy the convenience of sipping on rosé wherever life takes you with Palm Bay Rosé with with tantilizing aromas of strawberry and cherry blossom. Light carbonation makes it light and refreshing. It's perfect for patio season, both day and night!

Not All Rosés Improve With Age

Though a wine cellar filled with red wines is a convenient go-to when choosing a bottle to pair alongside a meal, a cellar filled with old rosé is not. Most rosés are meant to be consumed almost right away, usually within one year of bottling. Our recommendation is to grab a bottle form your local wine store on a warm summer evening and sip on it as you watch the sunset. Cheers!

No Need To Shell Out The Big Bucks

Rosé wines are usually less expensive than a bottle of red wine because they take less time to mature and are simpler to make. You don’t need to pay big dollars for a great tasting rosé! Henry of Pelham makes a great bottle and you can pick up a bottle of their Rosé VQA for less than $15!

Fancy Some Bubbles?

There’s not much better than a glass of nice champagne, but we’ve got to say that the ever cheerful and gorgeously salmon-coloured, sparkling brut rosé is right on par. Pair it with chocolate or sliced fruit for the perfect way to end your week or for a celebratory toast.

There you have it! Now that you have all of this added knowledge about rosé, you might just savour the taste of that blushing pink bottle of beauty just a little more than you have in the past.

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