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The Ultimate Post-Party Detox Guide

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Aug 17, 2022

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Do you know that feeling of getting all glammed up in your best drip and looking on fleek for the party? Of course, you do; which also means that you are well-acquainted with the aftermath, a.k.a the hangover. 

While being the life of the party is great in the moment, the hangover can wreak havoc on any plans you might have the day after. So, in order to be your best self even after a day of partying in the sun, here are our top after party detox tips to get your glow back! 

a group of friends nurse a hangover at home in bed

The Only After Party Detox Guide You’ll Ever Need

Catch Those Z’s

First thing’s first, get some shuteye! 

You have been up all night, just living your best life, but now it’s time to get some sleep. We don’t care if you can see the first rays of sun beaming through your curtains—just sleep for a few hours. You’ll thank us later. 

Make Your Tummy Happy

Good morning, sunshine! We bet that you’re feeling at least 10% better, right? 

Now that you’re back from dreamland, head to the kitchen and make yourself some breakfast. Hangovers thrive on an empty stomach, so even if you don’t have an appetite, don’t forget to eat something

You can find the perfect hangover cure in the kitchen in the form of avocado toast and ginger tea. Avocados are rich in glutathione, which contributes to rehabilitating the liver. This way, alcohol is carried out of the body faster and more efficiently. Pair it with ginger or peppermint tea to soothe any feelings of nausea that you might have. In case you still feel sleepy, drink a cup of coffee—there’s nothing like a good old fashioned dose of caffeine to wake your senses up.

Get the Drip

When you’re feeling drained and totally wiped out by the party events of the night before, you need to revitalize your skin and your overall health with the IV Drip Therapy at Plump Aesthetics MD

This IV Drip treatment provides the body with essential vitamins by directly depositing them into the bloodstream. You’re bound to beat your fear of needles when you learn about this procedure’s massive high absorption rate and fast-acting results. If you need a quick way to recharge, the IV Drip will be your battery.

Save Your Skin

The first signs of dehydration show on your skin, and that also indicates bad news for your overall health. If you were sipping on beer, wine, or cocktails last night, you need water, and you need it now. 

Your after party detox methods would not be effective without Fiji Water. As the world’s finest water, this is the most refreshing way to get your hydration levels back up. 

Drink a Daydream

No, you read that correctly. The next phase in the after party detox process is drinking a daydream. Yes, that’s a thing now. 

Daydream Drink is Canada’s first sparkling water infused with hemp extracts and adaptogens. These dreamy beverages will cure your hangover thanks to their unique blend of ingredients. They contain absolutely no caffeine, no sugar, and a powerful blend of hemp and adaptogens that stimulate the body’s endocrine system. So, say goodbye to the hangover slump and replace it with increased focus and calm. 

Indulge on Blackberry Chai, Cucumber Lime, or Peach Ginger. And in the event that you can’t choose between this trifecta of delicious flavours, you can opt for the variety pack to soothe your curiosity and banish your post-party hangover. Drink up and watch your skin mirror the serenity you feel inside. 

Resort to the Remedy

And when we say “remedy,” we mean kombucha! 

Kombucha is almost a miracle cure for those nasty hangovers, and it works by depositing antioxidants into your system. When you drink this wonder bevvy, it detoxifies your body while promoting a healthy immune system. 

Crafted by Remedy Drinks, this delicious kombucha definitely lives up to its name and reputation. Remedy kombucha is long aged, contains zero sugar, and can be stored either in the fridge or in the pantry. Get it in the ginger lemon flavour for a tasty and effective way to defeat the notorious hangover!

Fun fact: ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and efficiently breaks down alcohol. On top of that, lemons have the power to boost liver function to filter away toxins. So kombucha x ginger x lemon=super remedy!

attendees enjoying themselves at The Rosé Picnic 2022

Where the Party’s At

Now that you have the ultimate after party detox guide at your fingertips, you can head to your next party, the Rosé Picnic

The Rosé Picnic is the most fabulous gathering of pink and white you will ever see. We’ve got the wine, the snacks, and the mood. You bring yourself and your squad! 

Secure your Rosé Picnic tickets today!

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