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The Ultimate Guide To Girls Night

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Jul 15, 2019

The Ultimate Guide To Girls Night

Sometimes, all we need is a night spent with your closest gal pals for a night free of distractions (yes, that certainly includes your phones). Though hitting the club during your girls night is fun once in a while, sometimes you just need a night in with all your besties where you don’t need to worry about migrating mascara and where you can actually talk to each other without screaming into their ear all night! Girls night is a tradition for a reason, and you’ll be sure that the night will leave you feeling relaxed, more inspired, and closer to your girl squad. Trust us, choosing your BFFs next Instagram photo and tagging each other memes simply isn’t good enough and if you can physically see each other and hang out in person, now’s the sign to do it! With all that being said, let’s start planning!

Set a Date

We all know that everyone’s busy. Between work, school, significant others, and family, it can almost seem impossible to figure out a date that works for everyone. The best way to get past this? Plan in advance! Throw out a few dates or put together a Doodle poll (if you really want to get fancy) to decide which date works best. Once you’ve decided, send out a calendar invite to everyone. This may seem unnecessary, but you’ve got your bases covered in case someone “forgets”-- and this ensures the entire squad is there for the evening of fun!

Arrive In Dress Code

Three friends in coordinated pink PJs making a toast

No girls night or slumber party is complete without cute PJs. Even if your squad isn’t actually staying the night, loungewear will make sure everyone’s comfortable, sets the mood and helps you unwind. Want to make it even more memorable? Pick a theme and ask your squad to dress the part (yes, we mean onesies for all!)

Time for Wine

A charcuterie board and wine

What’s a girls night without too many glasses of wine?! Ask all your gal pals to bring a bottle of their favourite wine and then do flights so you can sample a whole bunch of different flavours all night. If you want to be extra fancy, you can even put together a charcuterie board or cheese plate to make the perfect accompaniment to your glasses of blush (because everyone’s favourite is rosé, right?!)

Time for Wine - The Rose Picnic

Got a sweet tooth and love all things rosé? Well, we’ve got great news for you. Sugarfina’s rosé flavoured line of gummies and chocolate will have all the rosé lovers swooning. Infused with real rosé wine, these gummy roses and gummy bears from Sugarfina are a delightfully rosy treat for yourself or as a gift to all your besties. Remember to find them at Rosé Picnic! When it comes to food, you really can’t go wrong. Between all the glasses of wine, you’ll definitely want to make sure you have a good meal, too! You can opt for the pizza and chicken wing classic, healthier munchies like veggies and hummus, or feast on Mexican or Chinese takeout. Tonight’s not the night to worry about your diet, and we welcome you to go wild and make sure all your cravings are satisfied!

Time For Pampering

Time For Pampering - The Rose Picnic

Complete your night with the squad with a glorious home lash and manicure sesh with Kiss press on nails and lashes! They come in such a huge variety of colours and styles that you are bound to find something that you and your besties love. Kiss products are easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and are very flattering. The best thing of all? They are super accessible and can be purchased almost anywhere! If you end up loving your Kiss nails and lashes as much as we do, don’t forget to check them out at the Rosé Picnic 2019. Kiss will be hosting their very own Tiki Beauty Bar, where you and the besties can get a complimentary nail and lash application with admission to the picnic. Don’t have tickers to Rosé Picnic yet? Grab yours now before it’s too late!

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