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Sip Sip, Hooray! It’s Rosé Season. Check Out Our List of Wine-Loving Influencers To Follow!

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Jul 13, 2019

Wine-Loving Influencers To Follow

Rosé season is officially upon us, which only means that glasses of blush will be our drink of the summer. Remember, Rosé Picnic is only a few weeks away and if you don’t have your tickets yet, what are you waiting for?! Join us for the best day of summer EVER. Tickets are still available here. Check out our roundup of wine lovers who sip and pour white, red, and most importantly, rosé, all day every day. Whether they’re hosting a party or just enjoying a glass of wine on a Friday, these wine influencers certainly know their wine. If you’re looking for the season’s best picks or a unique recipe to try out, look no further than these content creators to have you covered. Let’s dive in!

The Sparkling Winos - @Sparklingwinos

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The Sparkling Winos is composed of 2 lovebirds, Mike and Jeff whose fondness for fizz is explosive! Their blog gives you everything you need to know about all things bubbly. From infographics, food pairings and value picks, to bubbly reviews, news and travel tips – Mike and Jeff do an excellent job at demystifying sparkling wine and help make learning about it (and tasting it!) approachable and fun.

Chelsie - @chelloveswine

Chelsie - The Rose Picnic

Chel Loves Wine has been a nickname of Chelsie’s since she was in college. She was always known as the girl walking around the parties with a box of Franzia and almost always has a glass of wine in her hand. Chelsie started her blog, Chel Loves Wine, in 2016 and since then, she started a YouTube Channelpodcast, and Instagram account to provide her audience with a daily source for wine in an easily digestible, approachable manner.

Hayley - @hayleyscellar

Hayley - The Rose Picnic

Hayley is based in Los Angeles and is a WSET level 2 certified specialist of Wine and Spirits, but mostly, just a huge fan of wine. Her Blog, Hayley’s Cellar, was born as a passion project when she realized that all she wanted to blog about was the fun wine trips she was taking. Whether you are a wine expert or only drink your one go-to bottle of wine, Hayley’s Cellar is a great resource for wine enthusiasts and experts alike!

Joanie - @joaniemetivier

Joanie - The Rose Picnic

Joanie Métivier may be the youngest wine writer in Quebec, but she quickly became one of the most influential wine writers in Canada. Along with her blog, she is also the head writer for winetoursimmag.com and of Magazine Vins et Vignobles, one of the most iconic magazines in Quebec. Before Joanie discovered her passion and interest for wine, she studied a whole host of subjects including tourism, translation, and geography.

Raquel - @watchmesip

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Raquel is a digital marketer by day and a wine enthusiast at night any day. She lives and works in wine country, more specifically Napa Valley, which explains why she shares her passion about anything and everything that has to do with wine over on her blog. She’s a certified Specialist of Wine and Spirits and loves exploring the Napa Valley, dreaming of the next winery shes going to visit while checking out every new brunch spot. Follow along to see her adventures!

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