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The Best of Rosé Picnic 2022

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Sep 02, 2022

The Rosé Picnic’s grand entrance: a large letter sign that spells out #RosePicnic

Fam, you should’ve been there, but to reduce your FOMO, here’s your Rosé Picnic recap!

Held on August 20, 2022, at Woodbine Park in Toronto, the Rosé Picnic was an epic event to remember. Living up to its dedication to the trendiest wines, live music, bussin’ food, and a sea of pink and white, there’s no doubt about it that the Rosé Picnic was the moment. 

The outdoor party was lively and fueled by over 10,000 attendees who painted the town rosé. All the beautiful guests were clad in their best rosey ensembles, proving that the assignment was 101% understood! Of course, a picnic wouldn’t be a picnic without the 30+ vendors that served as the life of the party. Among many others, The Rosé Picnic was graced by vendors such as Ole Time Taps, Flowers Canada, Toronto Flowerwalls, Balloonz by Madz, Mavalli Entertainment, Not Your Child Corp, Bella Aura Creations, GRIP Block, and Coty gift bags.

Delicious Food and Drinks

The event was catered by Food Dudes with celebrity chef, Mark McEwan, who made sure that each and every guest tasted the sweetness (and spice) of summer. For a vicarious palatable journey, you’ll be delighted to know that the catering menu included Korean fried chicken tacos, Wagyu smash burgers, Trini-style BBQ fried chicken burgers, Jerk pork Croque monsieur, and fried chicken with waffles.  

But wait, there’s more! The main course may be the star of the show, but dessert is the encore that everyone looks forward to. Mark McEwan served cheese cupcuteries and fruit bowls to complete the culinary experience. 

Guests at VIP tables were also treated to a charcuterie board and cupcakes from Carlo’s Bakery.  

A charcuterie board

Naturally, we’re all about the aesthetic too! This is exactly why Old Time Taps was the perfect match for the Rosé Picnic’s bevvies. The adorable vintage mobile bar that they provided for the event was a mood of epic proportions. Kind of like the nostalgic ice cream truck that we were so excited about as kids, Old Time Taps is the grown-up version that serves us magical, sparkling rosé wines for the soul.

Why get your drinks from a basic bar when you can get them from a retro mobile bar? Extra>Basic 

Immaculate Vibes

As expected, the Rosé Picnic passed everyone’s vibe check with flying colours, and it owed it all to the immaculate vibes that filled the air in the form of food, fashion, the sunny weather, and of course: the music! 

The Rosé Picnic lived up to its outdoor festival potential thanks to the lit beats that were spun by DJ Jug E, DJ Dennis Rojas, Add Audio, Fizza, and Static.

Pretty in Pink Fashion

Pink is the new colour of cool, and everyone at the Rosé Picnic played a part in creating an iconic pink and white ocean of fashion. Overflowing with drips, guests made it a point to wear gossamer flower crowns as their literal crowning glory.

Wearing pink on their sleeves and florals on their heads, the festival goers knew that snapping pics was mandatory, which is exactly why they struck poses with a drink in hand by the Toronto Flowerwalls. The festive mood was completed with the ethereal Balloonz by Madz, because a picnic sans balloons would be cheugy. 

People trying on flower crowns at the Rosé Picnic

Detailed Design

Every beautiful detail at the Rosé Picnic was tied together like a gift with the help of Mavalli Entertainment and Belle Aura Creations that supplied a bunch of the decor that came straight out of a fairytale. If you’ve seen the enchanting balloon arches, you’ve got these guys to thank for them.

On top of that, the comfortable seating was made possible by GRIP Block. Being on your feet all day long to explore the different booths, vibe to the music, snap pics, and social-butterfly around calls for a seat, so GRIP Block made sure that the seating arrangements were as comfy as they were aesthetically pleasing.

People sitting on Grip Block seats while taking selfies

Thoughtful Safety Measures

While living your best life was the goal of the Rosé Picnic, your safety ranked above that. This is why the Rosé Picnic partnered with Not Your Child Corp to provide breathalyzers. Thanks to this initiative, we were able to ensure that guests left the event in sound condition to get home safely.   

People taking pictures in front of a photo wall at the Rosé Picnic

Get Pumped for Rosé Picnic 2023

We’re going to take a wild guess and say that the Rosé Picnic most likely lives in your head rent-free now.

Well, you better make room for more, because the Rosé Picnic is already gearing up for a comeback next year.  Life’s a party, and it’s only right that we celebrate it in style! We’ve got the wine, the snacks, the music, and the mood. The only thing that’s missing is you.

Will we see you back at the Rosé Picnic in 2023? Cheers!

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