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Your Ultimate Guide To Self Care Sunday
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date May 20, 2019

Self Care Sundays. We’re almost positive that you’ve come across this term at least once. Not only is it a hashtag, it’s a selfie of your BFF with a face mask on, and of your friends in colourful bubble baths. It’s essentially a way of being. While we agree that self-care extends way beyond simply…

Cooking With Rosé Wine
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date May 14, 2019

When wines get involved with cooking, it’s usually the fruity reds, the crisp whites, and the sweet dessert wines that get all the attention, leaving rosé forgotten on the back burner. However, now that Spring is well underway and the weather is finally starting to warm up, there’s no denying that it’s officially rosé season!…

How To Style Your Charcuterie Board
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date May 5, 2019

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or heading to a friend’s house for brunch, a charcuterie board is a crowd-favourite– and for good reason. You can completely customize everything to your guests liking once it’s perfectly plated, arranged, and ready to be served. Still not convinced? Rest assured that Rose Picnic 2019 has got you…

How To Assemble A Classic Cheese Board
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date March 20, 2019

In our honest opinion, there’s nothing in the world better than cheese. It’s time to embrace the cheesy side of life and take joy in the small things, so get down with a classic cheese board complete with all the best things in life (cheese and wine, obviously). We’ve compiled some basic pointers on how…

Unique Ways To Enjoy Rosé
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As far as we’re concerned, it’s rosé season at any time of the year. If you thought that the only way you can enjoy rosé is out of a glass, think again. Try one of these unique recipes that you can easily make at home and amaze your friends with how great your cooking skills…

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