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How to Plan An Amazing Outdoor End of Summer Party

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Sep 16, 2022

a group of friends at The Rosé Picnic 2022

The end of summer is officially here, but there's no need to sulk, because the end of something also signifies the beginning of something else. In this case, we're turning the page of summer to enter the chapter of fall, and it's bound to be lit.  

In celebration of the season's transition, why not chase the sun once more this year by throwing an end of summer party? 

Yes, let's do that! 

Now that we have you on board with this brilliant idea, it's time to get to work. The perfect end of summer party is easier to plan than you might think, especially when you have this fantastic how-to guide to hold your hand. 

Let's send off summer and get excited for fall with these lightbulb ideas for your next sunny soiree!  

Everything You Need for the Ideal End of Summer Party

1. A Trendy Theme

The first thing we need to check off our list is the theme. The sky's the limit with this one, but to give you a spark of inspiration, here are our fave picks: 

Then again, you might also choose to go entirely themeless and just go with the flow…just like how the seasons change. 

2. Wonderful Wine for a Terrific Time

Now that we've chosen a theme, let's set up the wine and champagne wall. You can get the most charming champagne walls from Sweetzz & Co. Events Inc, and fill it up with up to 25 glasses of your bubbly of choice. 

And speaking of bubbly of choice, Noble Estates has all the premium wines that you're looking for to highlight your end of summer party. 

These wines definitely deserve a spot on your champagne wall: 

People in a swimming pool toasting glasses of wine

3. Fabulous Food

Food is the life of the party, and when your end of summer soiree is catered by Communal Eats Food Truck, it'll live in your head rent-free. 

Not gonna lie, when you and your friends taste their Portuguese style chicken, cheese cupteries, poutine, and jackfruit tacos, you'll be busy chewing for the majority of the party. 

Aside from the delicious food, the food truck aesthetic will definitely be a centerpoint of your summer event!

Don't worry about the potential food coma, because parties are meant to be experienced to the fullest (yet safest). You can always just detox the following day!

4. Game On

Next on our end of summer party guide is the set of games!  

Party games are largely responsible for endless laughs and friendly competition. Put a twist on classic party games by challenging your guests to a GIANT match of Jenga and 4-in-a-row

Challenge accepted? 

A game of Jenga

5. Pics or It Didn't Happen

Capturing every smile on camera ties everything together with a pretty bow. Snap pics in elevated style with the help of Ripple Effect, a luxury photo booth company that specializes in thoughtful design and imaginative customization to create moments that you can frame and cherish forever.

Your end of summer party will get a serious upgrade when you make the most of their 360 Spinner tech and 3D boomerang options.

Whatever type of photo booth service you choose, don't forget to smile and say "cheese"!

A Summer to Remember

Live in the moment to create a summer to remember. 

After you organize the greatest end of summer party ever, we're sure that you'll already be planning sunny activities for summer 2023 in the back of your mind (amirite?) 

And if you ask us, you better add the Rosé Picnic 2023 to the top of your list, because the biggest picnic festival in the country will be back for round 2. 

We'll be back with the magical music, artisanal food, fun outdoor activities, and the hottest summer vibe! Will you be there too?

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