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How to Add Wine to a Healthy Diet

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Jan 06, 2020

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2020 officially started, even if you’re still hungover from the 2019’s crazy whirlwind of drama and stress. While some are still probably grasping the fact it’s the first month of a new decade, it’s time to finally get in shape and achieve the resolutions you promised yourself since 2018 (admit it, you still haven’t achieved it). Well, here it is! You can finally say goodbye to the sluggish feeling every morning and finally be fit! And no, you don’t have to say goodbye to your favourite rosé wine ever!

Why You Should Drink Wine - The Rose Picnic

Why You Should Drink Wine

There’s a lot of health benefits to drinking wine in moderation:

It’s Good for Your Heart

A known fact is a fine glass of red wine in 5 ounces is considered a healthy amount for your heart. However, there’s new research that moderate drinking actually lessens the likelihood of heart diseases, and that’s including white wine and other drinks. Because of the plant antioxidants found in wine called flavonoids found in the grape skins that were used in the winemaking process.

It Sharpens Your Mind

While it almost seems ironic (since most college blackouts were caused by too much alcohol), drinking a glass of wine in moderation actually lessens the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline. Because of the flavonols present in the wine, it protects the cells responsible for supporting healthy blood vessels. It’s a physiological benefit that improves the blood flow from the brain and prevents the formation of plaque from developing. Unscrew a bottle of rosé for dinner if you want to remember all your memories when you’re older!

It Makes You Live Longer

A lot of people who lived long connected their long life with moderate drinking of alcohol. While it also relaxes you after a long day of work, it’s also known to develop a healthy lifestyle for most people. They usually pair wine with a healthy plate of greens and maybe a good hearty steak as well, but never anything fried. Coupled with good habits and healthy diets with wine, you will likely enjoy a longer life—so don’t be afraid to drink a glass during dinner!

It Makes You Slimmer

Some always say that alcohol can make you fatter, but it actually makes you thinner. Sure the typical red wine might go for 120 to 150 calories, but you will be able to shave it all off with a healthy lifestyle and moderate wine drinking. This is because of polyphenol called 'resveratrol' found in most red wines. It converts white fat, the one responsible for storing energy, and turn it into beige fat, responsible for fighting obesity, which is also easier to lose. A glass of rosé for dinner doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

It Makes You Happier

Stressed after long hours of work and catching up deadlines? Treat yourself to a glass of wine. Research linked good mood with moderate alcohol intake—meaning you can be happy with just a few sips! Despite where you are, you will be able to improve your mood after a glass of red wine. Don’t go overboard though! Your happiness might evolve to a hangover the next morning!

It Makes You Happier - The Rose Picnic

How to Make Rosé a Part of Your Healthy Diet

While it does have health benefits, it doesn’t mean that you should binge drink wines whenever you can—that defeats the purpose of becoming healthy and developing a new lifestyle. You can still incorporate wine into your healthy diet and be happy with the results. With disciplined diets and exercise, your wine habits don’t really need to disappear from your life completely! Here are tips to make sure that you add your favourite wine to your new healthy diet and lifestyle:

Make Sure You Count the Calories and Measure Everything

This should be done whenever you drink wine—you have to measure everything before putting it in the glass. This will likely force you to do research and see how much calories you will likely consume in your preferred wine choice. But for starters, it’s always ideal to measure it in 5 ounces of every wine variety, but measure it in a proper measuring cup to make sure it doesn’t exceed the limit. But at least you will be able to enjoy your lunch and dinner with your glass of rosé but in measured glasses.

Work Out

Like everything in life, the only way to gain something you want is through hard work. If you really want to feel healthier and be happier, you need to schedule more gym appointments and create a more effective workout regimen that you can do. Don’t overexert or you will pull some muscles during your workout—or worse, it will actually result in bad or permanent injuries. Consult your gym instructor for the best workout plan for you.

Create a Good Diet Plan for You

People will say that becoming vegan is the way to a slimmer you, but there are other non-vegan foods that you need to eat to become healthy. Products like dairy and meat provide you with vitamin B and a good amount of protein, helping you grow your muscles and become stronger. Eating salad in your every meal is also good, and cutting back in empty calorie sugar-filled snacks can help you lose weight fast. Opt for snacks like trail mixes of nuts and dried fruit, fresh fruit, and maybe some crunchy veggies as well. A glass of rosé wine in every lunch or dinner also helps, it keeps your blood vessels healthy and your mood happy.

Establish a Healthier Sleeping Pattern

A healthy diet won’t work if you keep staying up late and you neglect your body’s demand for a good rest. Sleeping late or not sleeping at all can pose risks like obesity, heart diseases, depression, and high blood pressure. Make sure you dedicate time for 8 to 9 hours of sleep every day and along with that, a healthy habit of exercise and healthy meals.

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