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3 Drinks for People Who Don’t Love the Taste of Wine

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Jul 28, 2022

Bottles of rosé wine, pink petals, and ice in a bucket

Wine is the grape’s leap to immortality. With all the options available, it’s a wonderful world for wine enthusiasts. But on the flip side, not everyone is a fan of this sophisticated beverage.

If you’re a wine newbie, you might be searching for light alcoholic refreshments that pass the vibe check of your picky palate. You’re on the hunt for something that’s milder on your tastebuds, aren’t you? And, hey, we don’t blame you; drinks are supposed to taste good, right? 

So, allow us to guide you through a variety of drinks and wine that tastes like juice (yes, they exist)! 

Ready? Set? Drink! 

Good Wine and Other Drinks for Beginners

1. Ele Wine Spritzer

Keeping it clean and crisp, Ele Wine Spritzer offers a revitalizing experience for all wine newbies. Being free of sugar and very light on carbonation, this line of spritzer will ignite your love for wine that tastes like juice. 

Some of their most iconic flavours include lemon-lime, mango, and rosé. There’s literally elegance in every sip. Ele Wine Spritzer is a must-have at your laidback Saturday afternoon brunch or for a Friday night at home with the girls

four women cheersing wine spritzers in the park

2. Juicy Shore Hard Seltzer

MTV’s sense of humour is 100% on-fleek when it comes to naming drinks, don’t you agree? The inspiration behind Juicy Shore needs no introduction, but if you’re new to this fabulous drink, it’s time for a meet and greet. 

Juicy Shore is an awesome tropical fruity MTV hard seltzer with only 120 calories and four grams of sugar per drink. Once your palate gets a taste of this, your soul will definitely be looking for the beach!


Given that it’s always bursting with technicolour, life can’t always be defined in black and white… but we’re willing to make an exception for two of VICE’s most iconic drinks: VICE Black and VICE White!

Concocted with a refined blend of refreshing watermelon and invigorating kiwi fruit, there is nothing that gives you a dose of summer-y sweetness like VICE Black. This drink contains distilled organic gluten-free vodka and organic cane sugar, and is only 99 calories. 

Its counterpart, VICE White, is a lavish cocktail of coconut, cucumber, lime, and mint. Formulated with the magic of travel in mind, this tropical beverage will take you on a vacation to your dream destination. We don’t blame you if you suddenly feel the urge to pack your bags and head to the airport after sipping on VICE White.

People at the Rosé Picnic

A Rosé Paradise for Wine Beginners

While there are a bunch of wines that taste like juice that you can drink at home, nothing beats sipping on rosé in picnic style! 

Whether you’re a wine pro or a newbie, you’ll find fabulously good wines for beginners and other deliciously satisfying drinks, just like the ones listed in this blog, at the Rosé Picnic

Secure your tickets today, because the perfect picnic awaits! What are you waiting for?

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