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A Guide to Getting Ready for the Rosé Picnic

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Jul 07, 2022

People taking a selfie at the Rosé Picnic

The rosiest picnic in the world is upon us! 

Beautifully romanticizing life and all its pink wonder, the Rosé Picnic is the place to be if you want to sip on fab rosé wines, munch on upscale snacks, and bop your head to the rhythm of summer. 

The Rosé Picnic is the largest and most Instagrammable picnic dedicated to serving trending wines, delicious food, and fantastic music courtesy of Canada’s top musical talent. While you mark that date on your calendar and clear your schedule, we’re here to help you prepare for your big picnic day with the squad. These quick tips will ensure that you’ll be 100% ready to live your best life at the Rosé Picnic.

Come and get ready with us! 

Step #1: Stay Hydrated

Even before you step into the Rosé Picnic, it’s important to remember that during the peak of the summer, the sun is its hottest—and that requires us to stay hydrated! Sipping on wine is the goal, but since the picnic is an outdoor event, drinking enough H20 should be a top priority.

While you won’t need to bring any outside food (the menu at Rosé Picnic is lit, TBH), having a bottle of Fiji Water in your bag will help you stay hydrated. Fiji Water barely needs an introduction, but if you’re going to be picnicking all day long, this artesian water will quench your thirst like no other. Made from a sustainable ancient artesian aquifer in Fiji, this brand has been bringing the world’s finest water to everyone since 1996—and your body only deserves the best.

Step #2: Get Beautified

Aside from all the delicious wine and food that will be available at the Rosé Picnic, we know that you’re in it for the pics too!  

Every corner of the Rosé Picnic is, no cap, extremely Insta-worthy. To that effect, we also know that your camera is always at the ready. Now, before you go on a full-fledged snap-happy spree, allow us to give you some tips on how to beautify your lewk to the next level of #slay.

Terrific Tresses

If you have long locks or just got some shiny new hair extensions, you must give them a dreamy upgrade with these heatless hair curlers by Mint Beauty Bar. Thanks to their basic yet effective functionality, you can get gorgeously luscious locks without sizzling your hair with a curling iron.

Scrunchie Supremacy

If you feel like going for a sleek ponytail rather than a cascade of curls, you would look snatched with a stylish leather scrunchie holding your mane in place.

These Mint Beauty Bar scrunchies come in various patterns that can either play up the sass of your ensemble or blend right in for perfect harmony.

People taking a selfie at the Rosé Picnic

Step #3: Choose Your #OOTD

Now that we have the hairdo covered, let’s tackle the look. The dress code at the Rosé Picnic is pink and white. And that colour palette opens up endless doors of mix-and-match possibilities. 

Pink and white is an ethereal combo that personifies the aesthetic of Rosé Picnic. You, the picnic attendees, literally are the aesthetic. So, pick your favourite pink and white outfit to be a shimmering drop in the pink and white ocean that will happen at this year’s picnic!

Bonus Tip: Rosé Picnic channels peak Instagrammability, so don’t be afraid to roll up to the party looking extra. We recommend pairing your fit with a flower crown by Crownista Bloom to really make a rosey statement. Their dreamy flower crowns are now available for pre-order when you book your ticket!

Bonus Tip #2: Give yourself a little extra protection against wardrobe malfunctions. Defy accidental nip-slips with the help of Nipsy Daisy, a brand that offers a wide range of nipple tape and covers. The best part is that they come in various skin tones to match your complexion. Go ahead and wear those strapless crop tops with confidence!

Step #4: Sunblock, Sunblock, Sunblock

There’s no genuine fun in the sun unless you apply an ample amount of sunblock on exposed skin. Sunlight provides vitamin C and D for your skin, which is great, but even too much of a good thing can be bad for you. 

Given that Rosé Picnic is an outdoor event, your skin will thank you for protecting it with sunblock.

Step #5: Bring Your Picnic Mood

Rosé Picnic is a super hub for top-level rosé wines from Ontario wineries and beyond. You’re also bound to get hooked on the custom cocktails, ready-to-drink beverages, sampling stations, and music. However, what will truly make you fall in love with Rosé Picnic is the vibe. Being the dreamy pink paradise that it is, this major event will live in your head rent-free, but not before you live in the moment, of course! 

The most important thing about getting ready for the Rosé Picnic is bringing your picnic mood to match the energy.

A cocktail corner at the Rosé Picnic

A Day In Pink Paradise

The Rosé Picnic is set to colour your world in shades of pink and white on August 20, 2022, at Woodbine Park, Toronto. 

Book your tickets today, because the picnic awaits!

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