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How to Make Your Park Picnic Extra Bougie

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May 12, 2022

People sitting on blankets while drinking wine at the Rosé Picnic

With the summer sun shining bright, you know it’s high time to step outside and smell the roses with a park picnic

Park outings are best enjoyed with the squad while the sun shines brightly on you and your goodie-filled picnic basket. Spice it up a little with fancy picnic ideas and you’ll have a recipe for the best summer ever. Let’s talk cocktail recipes, picnic basket must-haves, and outdoor games.

We’re spilling the boiling hot tea on how you can make your park picnic lit, rose-y, and extra bougie

a picnic table set up with a wicker basket, cocktails, plastic glasses, and food

3 Unique Fancy Picnic Ideas 

1. Mix & Pack Some Cool Cocktails

Summer is the hottest season of the year, so that’s your chance to make a break for the park, the beach, the lake, or the mountains to unwind and soak in some vitamin D. While your daily dose of sunshine is great for your health, it’s also important that you stay hydrated with some thirst-quenching cocktails.

Make your trip light and easy by pre-mixing all the ingredients at home. Then pack them securely in plastic cups and a cooler bag filled with ice. 

St-Rémy is a French liquor that tastes like 24k gold. Well… maybe not literally, but the St-Rémy experience is definitely high up on the luxury meter. Thanks to its sheer deliciousness, there’s no doubt about it that St-Rémy makes the perfect base for your fancy picnic cocktails. 

Here are some of the coolest  St-Rémy cocktails to turn down the heat and crank up your summer beat.

St-Rémy Signature Rose

For this sweet and rosey recipe, you’ll need some St-Rémy Signature, grenadine, hibiscus syrup, egg whites, and ice. You can leave that muddler or mixing spoon at home, because this cocktail is shaken, not stirred.

Get the recipe here! 

Maxims Cocktail

For a full-bodied Maxims cocktail, make sure to pack a St-Rémy brandy, orange liqueur Cointreau, raspberry liqueur Razzmatazz, sparkling white wine, and orange juice. You and your squad are bound to look dainty when you sip your Maxim cocktails while you enjoy your laidback summer escapades. If bougie is the name, then this drink plays the game. 

St-Rémy Old Fashioned Cocktail

Kick it old school with a classic St-Rémy Old Fashioned. All you need is a St-Rémy XO, dashes of bitters, brown sugar cubes, orange slices, orange zest, and Maraschino cherries (yas, cherry on top!). 

This cocktail recipe may be retro, but it’s timeless at the same time. 

four girls cheersing drinks at a picnic table

2. Look the Part with Pretty Picnic Set Up Must-Haves

Our fancy picnic ideas all centre around what you’ve got in your basket and how you look basking in the shade of the nearest tree. Consider these must-haves in addition to all the drinks, cheese, crackers, cold cuts, fruit, and sandwiches that you have prepared, of course. 




3. Get Your Game On

Okay, so you’ve got the necessities packed, now let’s get to the fun outdoor activities that you and your friends can enjoy while frolicking in the sun. As far as fancy picnic ideas go, games are peak bougie. 

Let the games begin! 

Ring Toss Truth or Dare

If you’re a fan of “truth or dare”, we’re about to take it to the next level with ring toss truth or dare. Before anyone gets to ask any questions, divide your squad into two teams. Then, set up pegs and give each player a set of rings. 

Next, set a timer and the team who tosses the most rings onto their respective pegs within the given amount of time, wins. 

The winning team gets to choose whether they give truth or dare consequences to the losing team. Oh yes, this is truth or dare 2.0. 

Art Contest

Think of this as your own outdoor wine and paint experience! Whether you are descendants of Vincent Van Gogh or not, you can’t deny that we all have creative juices running through our veins… to a certain degree.

Choose either canvas and paint or paper and pencils to see who among you guys deserves to be called the artist of the group. A great way to go about this game is by painting the scenery or each other. The one with the best of the funniest piece wins a prize.

People hanging out in the park at The Rosé Picnic

Bring Your Fancy Picnic Ideas into Fruition

There’s nothing quite like natural lighting to illuminate your park picnics this year. Put on your best outfit and bring all your favourite fancy picnic ideas to life at the hottest rosé-themed event of the year: Rosé Picnic

Slated to be the highlight of your summer, Rosé Picnic is the perfect place to be for music, wine, and all the bougie vacay vibes. Will we see you there? 

Get your tickets today!

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