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7 Summer Staycation Ideas

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Aug 24, 2022

People dancing at the Rosé Picnic

After a long time in pandemic-prompted hibernation, we’re all looking forward to travelling to across the world again. On the other hand, you don’t have to go the distance just to have a good time, because staycations are just as awesome as full-fledged vacations

If you are looking for a little bit of inspo to make the most of your staycay, these staycation ideas will spark that light bulb of creativity for you! 

What is a Staycation?

If you’re an avid jetsetter and are new to the concept of staycations, we’re about to break it down for you! 

A staycation is a mini vacation that takes place close to home or at home. It does not require you to hop on a flight or to drive for hours. What it does do is offer an opportunity for you and your nearest and dearest to unwind and take in the local sights. Maybe there is a hiking trail near your home that you haven’t seen before, or a cool neighbourhood you have yet to explore, or this could be an opportunity for you to slow down and get rejuvenated at the spa. 

If you decide to have your staycation at your own abode, that counts too! As long as everyone unplugs from their daily routine and fully immerses themselves in leisure activities.  

So, if you only have a limited amount of time off from work or don’t feel like doing any elaborate planning, staycations are for you. 

Now, on to our top staycation ideas! 

Two people clinking glasses while lounging in garden chairs

1. Movie Marathon

They say “basic”? We say “brilliant”! 

Movie marathons are must-haves during any staycation, and that’s because they’re the ideal activity to munch on snacks, sip on your favourite kosher wine, and catch up on your Netflix shows while you chill on the couch with your squad. 

With the popcorn buttered, the wine chilled, and the mood on 100, a movie night at home is just what your staycation needs. 

Bonus tip: make it a themed movie night for a little twist. Are you guys a fan Harry Potter? Take this opportunity to throw on a Hogwarts robe and wave your wands while you binge-watch your top Harry Potter films.

2. Vicarious Foodie Travel

Foodies travel to taste the flavours of the world, but if you’re a foodie in home mode, you can travel the world from the comfort of your own kitchen. 

With HelloFresh, you can say hello to fresh food! Thanks to their delicious menus specially curated for you, you can save time on cooking, get great value for your money, and enjoy a carbon-neutral meal kit for the whole fam. 

HelloFresh promises high-quality ingredients and unparalleled flavours that will make your staycation taste spectacular. Better order a few extra boxes, because we swear you’ll get hooked! 

A group of friends cooking during a staycation

3. VR Games

Virtual reality games are a hilariously entertaining way to enjoy your staycation. Make things extra interesting by playing horror-themed games… if you dare! 

4. Go for a Dip

Wherever you’ll be having your staycation, make sure there’s a pool nearby for your aquatic antics! 

A swimming pool is a hub for underwater fun. You can lounge on floaties, slide down a water slide, have a water balloon fight, or shoot each other with water guns. The possibilities are endless. 

5. Karaoke Night

Pick up a microphone and sing your heart out to all the songs you love. If you’re brave enough to flaunt your falsettos and whistle notes, why not challenge your guests to a game of karaoke roulette.

6. Tzafona Wine Tours

You won't have to jetset to Europe in order to sip on some soul-stirring wine, because Tzafona radiates the same energy.  

From the world class wine region of the Niagara Peninsula, Tzafona's grapes share their source with a multitude of prestigious wines. 

The climate in Niagara is similar to that of the French regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy. Thanks to the mineral-rich fertile soil, Tzafona wine is as bougie as can be. If you want to experience it first-hand, add a Tzafona wine tour to your staycay itinerary!

a group of women enjoying the Rosé Picnic

7. Staycay at Rosé!

The ultimate staycation culminates at the Rosé Picnic. Get dolled up in your best pink and white drips and be the main character at this sophisticated outdoor event dipped in all things rosey and pretty. There's wine, food, music, and so much more. 

Canada's largest (and pinkest) festival is set to paint the town pink in summer 2023. Put the Rosé Picnic at the top of your staycation ideas list, and secure your tickets today!

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