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Easy and Refreshing Cocktail Recipes For Summer with Molson

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Jul 04, 2019

Easy and Refreshing Cocktail Recipes

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for-- summer is finally here! We’ve partnered up with Molson Canada to bring you some of our favourite recipes that you can sip on to say “hello” to the new (and warmer) months ahead. These brands will all be featured at Rosé Picnic 2019 coming up on July 27, 2019. Don’t have your tickets to yet? Grab your tickets now before it’s too late!

Beer Cocktails

Beer cocktails are some of the most versatile drinks to kick off spring because they’re super diverse, come in so many different varieties ranging from fruit-based to sours to malts, and can accommodate just about anyone’s taste. Not to mention that all the ingredients are super accessible, easy to make, and don’t break the bank. Here are a few hoppy recipes that will take you right into summer.

Beer Punch

Looking for a refreshing fruit punch, but… buzzier? Look no further than this beer punch recipe! Perfect for large groups or parties, you’ll be sipping on this all weekend.


Instructions Start with a large bowl or pitcher and mix in the Sprite, pineapple juice, and the Heineken. Throw in some slices lemons, limes, and oranges to garnish. Mix well, ladle out the mixture into individual cups, and get the party started!

Bull’s Eye

This Cuban-inspired drink is surely one to try out if you’re hoping to be brought back to the beaches!


Instructions In a pitcher, combine the Belgian Moon, ginger ale, lime juice, and sugar. Stir until combined. Serve chilled over ice.


Hoping to impress your friends? To be the next popular girl at your get together, simply whip up this mixture in a blender.


Instructions: In a blender, combine the beer, tequila, frozen limeade concentrate, and ice and blend until smooth. Additional ice can be added depending on how frosty you’d like your drink to be. Enjoy!

Cider Cocktails

If you’re hosting a party or in search of cocktails to leave a great impression, look no further than these cider recipes! Best of all, they all use our new favourite alcoholic drink, the Strongbow Rosé Apple cider that you can try at Rosé Picnic 2019. We promise you’re going to love it. Cheers!

Rosé Apple Gin and Tonic

Rosé Apple Gin and Tonic - The Rose Picnic

This recipe is a delicious upgrade to your boring traditional gin and tonic. It’s light, refreshing, and balanced by fruity notes of apple and pear.


Instructions : In a shaker, combine gin, juniper berries, one rosemary sprig, lime juice and bitters with ice and shake vigorously. Carefully strain into a rocks glass full of ice, top with Strongbow Rosé Apple, and stir briefly. Garnish with reserved rosemary sprig and lime wedge.

Rosé Apple Mint Berry Freeze

Rosé Apple Mint Berry Freeze - The Rose Picnic

Looking for a sweet, frozen treat to shake up your summer? Try this frozen blend of strawberries, lime, and mint that beats the heat!


Instructions Combine Rum, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, Strawberries, Mint and Sugar in a blender. Pulse until Strawberries puree. Add 2 cups of Ice and blend until mixed. Pulse blend Strongbow Rose Apple and serve. Garnish with lime and mint. There you have it. Remember to catch Molson Canada at Rosé Picnic 2019 at their Beer Trailer, hosting Cider Educational Sessions, or on the lawn with fun games for you and your friends to play all day long!

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