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How to Throw the Ultimate Boo-zy Halloween Party

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Oct 12, 2022

a halloween party with guests in costumes cheersing cocktails

It's October, witches! 

The coming of fall smells like pumpkin, cinnamon, and spooktacular Halloween parties! If you're cooking up an All Hallows’ Eve soirée for you and your squad, then you better pull out all the stops. From the costumes and food all the way to the booze and swag bags, we've got a few tricks (and treats) up our sleeves to make your Halloween party fangtastic. 

Read on to unravel the best Halloween party ideas for adults! 

Adult Halloween Party Ideas

Creative and Creepy Costumes

Encourage your guests to roll up to the party in their scariest costumes to walk in sync with the spirit of Halloween. 

As the host of the night, it's only right that you dress up to the nines as well. Whether you step into the haunting shoes of a vampire or hop onto a witch's broom, your costume is only complete if the makeup is on point too! Add the finishing touch to your ghoulish makeup with a set of gorgeous magnetic eyelashes by Full Ah Luv Lashes

That's right; frame those peepers all pretty! 

two women in witch costumes posing at a halloween party

Spooky Snacks

If a vampire bares his fangs on All Hallows' Eve, we unleash our sweet tooth. 

Charcuterie Boards

While the kids are out trick or treating, the grown ups will snack on treats of their own; like a delicious charcuterie spread by Tastefully Twined

This amazing company specializes in fabulous grazing tables that can cater to up to 20 people. All curated with fresh and seasonal ingredients, you can sink your teeth in their famous fruit platters, afternoon tea boxes, crudites platters, brunch boxes, and more.

Their charcuterie spreads are nearly too pretty to eat, but just too delicious not to. 

Eerie Ice Cream Station

Halloween was made for a good scare, but it is also dedicated to all our favourite sweets. 

Speaking of sweets, ice cream is never not a crowd favourite. But we're not suggesting that you just serve ice cream at your party. No, we strongly urge you to get a Baskin Robbins ice cream station!

This fun party feature gives your guests the opportunity to unleash their creativity. You might even consider holding a spooky ice cream contest to spark a bit of friendly competition. May the scariest ice cream design win! 

On top of that, you can challenge your guests to take on the flaming flavours of the new Spicy n' Spooky ice cream. Blended with red ghost peppers and blood orange, this cold dessert is only for the brave. 

The Boo-ze

It isn't an official Halloween party unless we pour some booze over it, right? 

Here are a few Halloween-themed cocktails to spark your imagination: 

Herradura Mango Mojito

Some Herradura Silver works wonders when mixed with the zesty essence of mango and lime. 

The fall magic of this Herradura Mango Mojito is elevated to higher levels of mischief thanks to its bright green hue.

Just what the witch doctor ordered! 

Two green Halloween-themed cocktails on a table decorated with plastic skeleton hands and spiderwebs

Drunken Mermaid

Make your beverage table a festival or colour by pairing the Herradura Mango Mojito with a few Drunken Mermaids.

A Drunken Mermaid is a vibrant blue cocktail that contains vodka, hard seltzer, Blue Curacao, simple syrup, and lime juice.

The secret to making this drink taste like an underwater adventure is your hard seltzer of choice. Go for Juicy Shore hard seltzer for an upgraded tropical experience for your palate. 

Devilishly Good Swag Bags

After throwing such a lit Halloween party, you can't possibly let your guests go home empty handed!

Go the extra mile by creating swag bags filled with high quality goodies. Make it fun and diverse by including CBD or THC gummies from Tokyo Smoke.

Think of it as a wild version of a trick or treat goodie bag! 

Party All Year ‘Round

Each year is a whole calendar opportunity to party for a variety of reasons. 

Halloween now, Thanksgiving later, Christmas in December, New Year in January, Valentine's Day in February, and The Rosé Picnic in the summer!

Will we be seeing you again at the Rosé Picnic next year? We better!

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